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‭3 John 1:15 Peace be to you. The friends greet you. Greet the friends by name.

It is fun to see how God reveals Himself through the apostle's writings while revealing their own personality. John probably more than any other of the New Testament writers reveals the Love of God. This shows that John was a loving man. Yet although John shows that he is a compassionate man and reveals the love of God, John also is the writer of the book of Revelations that reveals much of the hell of tribulation and eternal punishment. As John closes out his 3 epistles he finishes with the salutation above. After giving us the words of God that reveal to us that the world will recognize us by our love. Words like "see how great a love God has bestowed on us that we would be called children of God," he finishes with this. Peace be to you and greet the friends by name.

Brothers and sisters, we need to be friendly and loving toward each other. Not speaking gossip or words that cause others pain. Even when we reveal sin in reproof we should immediately follow this with the love of salvation offered through the sacrifice of God. There is no greater love than that one would lay down his life for a friend. We see that John in Love tells us to greet the friends by name as a show of respect. So many churches are filled with disrespect and discord rather than love. This is not of God and the apostle of love says this shouldn't be. He says greet each other by name as friends. Let's make an effort to be like the God of love and love each other.

Love Bro. Scott


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