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‭Proverbs 14:21 He who despises his neighbor sins, But happy is he who is gracious to the poor.

Jesus asks the question about the good Samaritan "Who is the man's neighbor." We see from this example that the people to whom we show mercy are our neighbors. Our text shows us if we despise who we should show mercy to, then we sin. The word despises in Hebrew is the root of the word disrespect. Do you show respect to those you come in contact with or do you give them mercy? We have all done it under the disguise of just talking with family we speak about others who should be our neighbors with words that demean them. Instead of speaking with words that show mercy and build up. What good does it do to speak of people's problems without offering in love a helping hand? When we do this we despise our neighbor. This is a huge problem in our nation today. We speak with disrespect and not with love. It causes separation instead of togetherness. It is prevalent in politics and is broadcast across every news station, the Internet, and newspaper. People see it, then respond in like manner and we have a nation in sin. How nice would it be to have a candidate who said I disagree with his politics but I love and think he truly believes he is doing what is best for the nation. The author of this Proverb then flips and speaks of what makes a person blessed or happy. He says happy is he who shows grace to the poor. He who lends a helping hand is blessed and feels happiness. Like the good Samaritan when you offer grace to those in need you are being neighborly. When was the last time you were neighborly to a stranger not to mention someone on your own block? Don't live in sin, live in happiness being blessed. Instead of showing others disrespect, (even in the privacy of your own home) show them grace with a loving helping hand. You will not be sinning and will find it blessed you. Don't sin and you will be happy (Blessed)!

Love Bro. Scott


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