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‭Zechariah 10:4 ‬ From them will come the cornerstone, From them the tent peg, From them the bow of battle, From them every ruler, all of them together.

Zechariah warned Judah that God had visited them and was not happy with what he had seen. He says in verse 2 that they had teraphim (idols) in their homes, and diviners that they sought. Both gave false and lying guidance, visions and dreams. He says they vainly comfort them because in these sins there should be no comfort. Then he says they wander like sheep without a shepherd. Then in verse 3, He says He (God) is angered at the shepherds and will punish the male goats. The shepherds are the leaders that are to keep the people safe and show them the right way to live in God. The male goats are those who live among the sheep but are not part of the flock. They mix in and look similar but are always leading them away from the shepherd. Then we come to our text. ‭Zechariah 10:4 From them will come the cornerstone, From them the tent peg, From them the bow of battle, From them every ruler, all of them together.

Every time in this text you see the word them it is translated that way because of the English rules of pronouns reflecting the noun however in Hebrew the word is actually and literally Him. GOD in this text will give them the cornerstone upon which to build His Body of Believers. This is a firm foundation that holds all the pieces together. In this text it says, from God through Judah He will give them The Tent Peg. This can be translated as the nail, the stake, or the tent peg. It referred to the Security that God would provide through Him. Then in this text, God says He will provide the Bow of Battle. This is the weapon that is used to strike at evil. ‭Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

The sword with which you attack is the Word of God. John tells us in chapter 1 that the Word became flesh. He is the weapon that defeats sin and lastly death. Last, in this text God says He will provide every ruler. The word ruler refers to a driver of animals much like a shepherd. He in this text will send The Shepherd and every undershepherd to rule, guide, direct, and drive His flock in His ways.

If you notice I have said multiple times, "In this text, God says He will" because at that time He was still to come. However, I am excited to tell you He has already sent this Cornerstone, Tent Peg, Bow of Battle, and Shepherd. His name is Jesus. If we don't want God to be angry with His undershepherds and look at us as male goats needing His punishment then we need to place our faith in the foundation of His Cornerstone, rely on the security of His Tent Peg, fight evil with His Bow of Battle, and follow the guidance of His Shepherd. Love Bro. Scott


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