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In Acts 12 Peter has been placed in jail under heavy guard with the intention to kill him. They had just days before killed the apostle James. Peter was in serious trouble yet he would be released from his chains by the power of God. What was the difference? Why did God set Peter free? The answer is found in ‭Acts 12:5 So Peter was kept in the prison, but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God.

The church prayed to God. We need to notice that this church is still in existence today. I am not speaking of the church that met at Mary's house, the mother of John Mark with the servant girl Rhoda. No, I am speaking of the church that came into existence at the command of Jesus who has been indwelled by the Holy Spirit since Pentecost. I am speaking of the church that still exists today. It meets in different places under tons of different names. It even has some differences of opinions on some different understandings of the Bible yet it knows Jesus as its Savior and Lord. It has accepted Salvation by Grace through Faith and is indwelled by the Spirit and is the formation of many members into one body of believers of the Son of God Jesus.

So if this body still exists today and it still has the same power then why are people not being set free from their chains that have them bound to sin? The answer is simple. The church no longer prayed fervently! The Greek word translated as fervently means to do so with fervor and earnestness, as well as perseverance. The church today might on occasion pray fervently (with passion) it might pray on occasion with earnestness (sincere) but the church has lost its perseverance (persistence in times of struggle). The problem is the church now only meets, cares, and prays on occasion. The rest of the 165 hours a week is spent with a focus on self.

I wonder how many people this week would see God break their chains of bondage to hell and experience the freedom of salvation if the church would pray like it is in bondage to God. We are free but we should have a desire to be with God in prayer for the lost to such an extent that it appears that we are chained to Him. Our chains should be our desire! Paul said for me to live is Christ. Let's be honest (for most people of the church today), to live is self. Because of this the church is watching the world go to hell like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It is past time for the church (the body of Christ) to pray fervently for the lost. Love Bro. Scott


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