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We are reactive people. The tone a person takes with you often affects the tone of your response. I have found in life that if I attempt to speak kindly and in a caring way the response I receive is usually in like manner. However, the same goes if my initial contact is not in a caring kind way then the response I receive is usually critical or harsh. This is difficult if not impossible to overcome. However, I have also found that the Lord God is not this way. No matter how we come to God, his response is always righteous and just. It also is always done with a desire filled with love. Paul tells us in ‭Romans 3:3 ‬What then? If some did not believe, their unbelief will not nullify the faithfulness of God, will it?

God is unchanging. Whether we or anyone else believes it, God is always faithful. You can know that when you fail, God is still showing you love. When you get angry He faithfully loves. When you deny He faithfully calls you back to Him. No matter your attitude God doesn't react He just is and in His unchanging existence He will always be faithful.

You can be this way to, but only if God The Holy Spirit lives in you and you allow Him full control. Don't react or respond any more instead release you response to God. Love Bro. Scott


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