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Mark 1:34 And He healed many who were ill with various diseases, and cast out many demons; and He was not permitting the demons to speak, because they knew who He was.

In this text, we see that there are various diseases that have nothing to do with demon possession but there are also demon possessions that masquerade as diseases. Nothing was hidden from Jesus the Son of God and He took care of each in the proper way.

Earlier in this text we see a demon who revealed who Jesus was which shows that they are part of the fallen angels that were cast from heaven with Satan. Jesus then ordered him to remain silent. The fact that Jesus didn't permit them to speak shows us that Jesus has authority over them and that He didn't want himself known as the Messiah yet. Jesus didn't allow people to worship Him as such until they realized it apart from knowledge or until He came near the end of His earthly ministry. Until that point, He pointed all worship to God the Father. One part of the triune God that they were already worshipping. Faith is such an important part of salvation that you can't receive salvation apart from faith. However, God has given each a measure of faith allowing everyone the opportunity to receive salvation through the Son. Apart from placing faith in Jesus, we will not be able to prove His Godship but once you receive Him by faith the proof exists inside of you. This verse reveals to us the omniscience, the omnipotent, and the omnipresence of Jesus. How amazing is God that He can reveal himself in so many ways and yet not show proof so faith is required? Place your faith in this amazing God. Love Bro. Scott


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