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‭James 3:4 Look at the ships also, though they are so great and are driven by strong winds, are still directed by a very small rudder wherever the inclination of the pilot desires.

A giant ship floating on the waves of the ocean's current pushes the ship and it floats one way. Then a wave crashes against the ship turning it in a different direction. Suddenly the wind picks up and pushes the sails and the boat starts to push against the current. It floats seemingly at the whim of every outside force. Completely out of control. When suddenly the captain grabs the wheel which turns the rudder and the ship is under control. This little rudder usually 2 -5 %of the size of the ship controls the other 95-98% of the ship. This makes no sense. If a group of 100 equal people were in a room, would 5 of the people make decisions for all? Yet in Nations around the world, this happens quite often. How can that be? It is leverage/power. They might be small in size but when they have enough power/leverage, then the others follow along. Much like the rudder. The rudder if placed out of the water would yield no power but in the water with leverage, it has the power to guide the ship. The same goes for Satan's power over us. The only way he has the power to control is to be placed in a position of power. If he is not allowed in because that space is filled with the Holy Spirit then he is like a wave crashing against us or the current pushing at us. He is like the wind shoving us in his direction but then God who is in control turns us with repentance and faith and guides us to the grace of God. However, the lack of a pilot and a rudder allows Satan to control our direction. Is God the Father your pilot? Is God the Holy Spirit your wheel? Is Jesus God the Son your rudder? If so you will end up being guided to eternal peace with them. If not you will toss and turn until you crash and burn on the rocks of the pit of Hell lost for eternity. Your life can be directed with little effort by the pilot God if your rudder is in the right place (JESUS). Love Bro. Scott


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