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Since the beginning, God has revealed Himself and Righteousness in light. Righteous acts take place in the light therefore we know what happens in darkness is unrighteous. Jacob had deceived his father Isaac in the darkness of his eyes. He pretended to be his brother Esau knowing his father's bad eyesight would hide his face in the blindness of his eyes. Jacob would come to know what it is like to be fooled in the evil of darkness. Jacob had worked 7 years for his uncle Laban in order to be given his youngest daughter Rachel as a wife. When the seven years had ended Jacob said to Laban give me my wife for I have worked for her. Jacob had worked in the sight of Laban so he could see the righteousness of his work. So Laban had a feast in the evening and our text says, ‭Genesis 29:23 Now in the evening he took his daughter Leah, and brought her to him; and Jacob went in to her.

The same thing Jacob had done in the darkness of his father's eyes had now been done to him in the darkness of his eyes. How could Jacob be fooled? 1st the feast for a marriage would have had wine (fermented juice) so this would have affected his reception of information much like darkness would. 2nd. Leah would have been veiled until they went into the tent. 3rd it was evening when she was brought out. This would have been the time from daybreak until full darkness. Then 4th the rest would have happened in darkness. With all the darkness it is easy to miss out on seeing the evil. So what should we do? The answer is to remain in the light. Do not do things that remove the vision of the righteousness of God. Don't live in the darkness of drink or drugs. This just makes you more susceptible to demon influence. In the Bible several times the word sleep is associated with death. Death is the absence of God. So when dark is associated with the absence of God and His righteousness, it is best if we live in the day and sleep at night.

Otherwise, you will be fooled and labeled one by God. Jesus did this in Matthew 23:17 where He called the religious leaders "blind fools"

Don't be a fool like Jacob, live life in the light. Love Bro. Scott


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